Leslie Ford

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Leslie Ford


Leslie Ford is an abstract painter, printmaker and photographer. Her work has been exhibited extensively since embracing art as a full time career after her previous career in publishing with over 20 years' experience in art direction, design and production for Town & Country Magazine, House Beautiful, Seventeen Magazine, Woman's Day and Sports Afield Magazine. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Design. Her art practice is about layers of understanding and vision. Sensory distortions and deceptions are present in all her work.


Art that is created by interweaving of practices intrigues me, as photos I make become inspiration for painting and printmaking in the studio. The interacting colors and shapes of my prints flow into each other coordinating the momentary space between dreaming and being fully conscious. These works are spontaneous and uncontrolled much like the fleeting memory of yesterday’s thoughts. What we see or think we see may or may not be physically present but may still be an experience.



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