Pamela Drix

New York Botanic Garden
etching, collagraph, gum transfer
image size 8" x 4"

Drix Where the Grass Meets the Water
Where the Grass Meets the Water
etching, monoprint, linocut
image size 24" x 12"

Pamela Drix


I was born in Buffalo, NY and raised north of Detroit in Rochester, Michigan.  Trained as a printmaker with a Master’s degree, I helped found the Ink Shop in part to have a place to do my work as well as to collaborate with other artists.  The Ink Shop has been central to my life.


My work concerns the land - the seasons, natural processes, animals, flora, and vegetation, and the impact of human activity.  I am interested in how landscape records moments in time.  In some cases the landscape retains scars, and in others no visible record can be seen. I am interested in this dichotomy, to visually reveal past and present views in one image.  Certain spots are sacred, because of its specific beauty, or it is made remarkable for other reasons.   My artwork, whether in print or in pastel, is often spontaneous, responsive to the moment, and relies on an intuitive response to the landscape, whether immediately experienced or remembered.

Education:  SUNY Oswego, MA Studio Art , 1979.
                    Kalamazoo College, BA Studio Art, 1976.



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