David Rosenthal Restrikes

David Rosenthal, Man on the Bridge

David Rosenthal Restrikes

Man On the Bridge


David Rosenthal (1876 - 1949), printmaker and painter from Cincinnati, came from a rich cultural heritage. He studied in Europe and in Cincinnati, where he was affiliated with the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and where he associated with well-known artists John Henry Twachtman, Lewis Meakin and Frank Duveneck. Rosenthal's oeuvre of prints shows a wide range of subject matter and masterful execution in all aspects of intaglio printmaking.

The Ink Shop is pleased to announce the publication of three Rosenthal prints, known as restrikes (prints not hand-printed by the artist, but printed from the original plates), that have been approved by his granddaughter, Amy Opperman Cash. Under the imprint of the Olive Branch Press, these limited edition, hand-pulled prints each have Rosenthal's signature on the plate, and come with documentation that indicates their authentic history.

At a significantly reduced price of $250, each of these prints are now available for purchase. A portion of the proceeds of these sales will go to support Ink Shop programming. Please contact The Ink Shop if you wish to purchase one of these prints for your collection, as a gift, or simply to support The Ink Shop! Matting and/or framing are also available for an additional cost. Please inquire.

David Rosenthal, Winter Scene
Winter Scene


David Rosenthal, Michigan
Old Shipyard - Michigan


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