BIG INK large woodcut printing sessions.

BIG INK large woodcut print session


Location: The Ink Shop 330 E. State Street, Ithaca NY 14850

Date: Aug 26th – 27th, 2017 Apply by: Midnight, June 19th, 2017
General: The Ink Shop is pleased to partner with BIG INK for two one-day large woodcut printing sessions. We will be utilizing BIG INK’s giant 48” x 96” mobile etching press to pull prints. If accepted, artists will have two months prior to the event to carve their image into a piece of plywood. BIG INK remains in contact with each participant providing guidance and technical support when needed.

Criteria: The jurying committee considers proposals based on the following:
1. Size: Images must be at least 24” x 36” in dimension but not larger Submit a proposal at than 40” x 96” in dimension.

2. Material: Artists are responsible for securing their own ½” thick plywood or MDF for carving and their own carving tools. The plywood or MDF must be ½” thick.

3. Originality: The uniqueness of the design will be a major consideration. A drawing, digital graphic, altered photography, collage, sketch, painting or print are acceptable examples to include with your proposal. Images must be solely created by the applicant.

4. Cohesiveness: The anticipated dimensions of your woodblock should match the format of the image you submit. Fees: It is free to submit your proposal; accepted artists pay $275 to participate. This fee covers everything including paper, ink, cleaning supplies, and professional photography.

Q: Can two artists collaborate on a proposal?
A: Yes, list both names on the application.

Q: What time are we expected to arrive at the event?
A: 10 am sharp

Q: How long are we expected to remain after our work is printed?
A: Until 5 pm

Q: Are we expected to attend both printing days?
A: No, but you’re welcome to attend.

Q: How many prints does each artist produce?
A: Three, one of which archived in the BIG INK portfolio.

Q: Can I bring my own paper and print more? Submit a proposal at
A: Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to print more.

Q: What type of paper do we use?
A: Masa

Q: What type of ink do we use?
A: Oil based relief ink, bring an apron and wear work cloths.

Q: Do I have to bring any other materials besides my carved block?
A: No

Q: Can we print in color?
A: No

Q: How do we transport the finished prints?
A: BIG INK provides newsprint to wrap the work. Mailing tubes are provided for those that are mailing work.

Q: Do you have recommendations on where to stay?
A: We use Airbnb most frequently but quality hotels are located nearby.

Q: What is the best way to transport the finished block if I’m flying?
A: You may be able to ship your block directly to the venue. Contact us directly to confirm. When shipping your block please include a return label in the package. This makes shipping your block back home easier. Submit a proposal at

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