Brian Cohen | Talk Print 4pm

Brian Cohen | Talk Print 4pm
We are very excited to have Brian D. Cohen present his work and ideas at the Ink Shop on November 25th. He is an educator, artist, and writer who founded Bridge Press to further the association and integration of visual image, original text, and book structure. You can view Bridge Press and more of Brian Cohen's work here.  His exhibit, Emblems, in currently on display at the Ink Shop.

Emblems is a series of etchings based on the form of the 17th C emblem book. The historical book intended associations and diverse meanings of key elements of the world in schematic and formal spatial arrangements. The emblem book envisioned the universe as 'like a book or mirror of our life and death', and objects in the world as invested with immediate and enduring universal significance. The physical is presented in order to reveal the spiritual, the metaphysical, the abstract, and the symbolic.
"The process of etching is physical and elemental, requiring force and pressure, inviting aggression and then delicacy, conjoining fire, water, earth, and air. There is something about setting an image in metal that implies permanence, duration, and enduring presence. I embrace themes of loss, futility, destruction, and unexpected, redemptive beauty, themes tied to the tradition of printmaking, whose imagery has always tended toward critical commentary and serious contemplation, and often toward humor and irony as well.”


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