Past Exhibits

The Space ______ Between | Ian McCoy

Opening Reception
Friday, August 7, 5-8 pm
August 7 - August 31, 2015

Prints and sculptural work by Ian McCoy

"What would it mean for me to be worth more than the sum of my construction? The space I hold within me, its weight per cubic inch pressing down on another, how much do I weigh to you? In ways of gravity what kind of presence do I hold, what can I attract and keep in orbit? And what greater forces am I held in place by so that my inner and outer spaces remain as they came? Cycles surround; I only see what is placed in front of me, walls constrain, no windows to crack open & feel the breeze, no holes to peer out. I am what I live in and where our skin sinks through the floor boards."

Ian McCoy is the 2015 Kahn Family Fellow. A graduate of Alfred University, Ian's work reveals exceptional depth and sophistication as a bookmaker and printmaker. This work was created during his Fellowship year.

Feral Children & Their Animal Families

Opening Reception
Friday, July 10, 5-8pm
July 3 - August 29, 2015

A Southern Graphics Portfolio created in 2006.

The title is fun yet there is a serious side to children being raised by "animals". Today in our society we find it inconceivable that there have been and still are human children who have been adopted by animal families.

The theme of this portfolio gave each artist an opportunity to explore the idea of animals as family and how at times "wild" animals are more "human" than humans themselves.

Sometimes we as humans are so far removed from our own instinctive behavior that we forget the basic laws of helping each other and supporting each other for the good of the many.

One thing remains true, that nature can be one of the most healing of all things and quiet time wihtin nature is not done often enough.

Portfolio artists:

Melanie Yazzie (Organizer) | Jo Andersen | Alexa Aunse | Helen Baribeau | Laura Bentz | Natalie Couch | Emily Arthur Douglass | Jason Engelhardt | Ka Fisher | Sarah Frost | Kimiko Miyoshi | Rosie Paschall | Kathryn Polk | Jenny Pope | Melissa Shulenberg | Satoshi Takahira | Melanie Walker | Mike Weller | Kansas City Art Institute Collection (Sponsor for SGC 2007) | Southern Graphics Council Collection

Animal Kin and Standing People | Leslie Peebles

Gator Love by Leslie Peebles
Leslie Peebles Gator Love

Opening Reception
Friday. July 10, 5-8pm
July 3 - August 1, 2015

Floridian Leslie Peebles' show Animal Kin and Standing People will be rich with animal life. In her prints she celebrates the landscape and all the life forms it nourishes. She earned her MA in Art Education and has been selling her work at art fairs around the country.

Peebles sees the wild beings as our equals on this earth and us all as connected. We are all nourished, taught, and spiritually uplifted by each other. She experiences the landscape and all the life forms it nourishes and translates those experiences into prints. The relief process creates a connection between the subject and ground with radiant line-work that creates an energy that pulls the viewer into her work.

2015 Member Exhibit

Opening Reception Fri, June 5, 5-8pm
June 5 - Jun. 30, 2015

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center's Annual Members' Exhibit features Ink Shop artists exploring many varied printmaking techniques. The Ink Shop has developed a solid reputation for providing professionally curated exhibitions. We have shown artists/printmakers from all over the world and been invited to show our work nationally and internationally, as far away as Japan. Our popular classes taught by members include intaglio, etching, lithography, bookbinding, wood cut and screen printing. The Ink Shop has over 30 members. Come and see what they have been up to!




DUETS: Reveling in Remembering | Laurie Snyder

Laurie Snyder - Weaving with Stones
Laurie Snyder Weaving with Stones

Friday, May 1, 5-8pm
April 3 - May 30, 2015

Laurie Snyder will be exhibiting recent photographs and artists books at the Ink Shop Printmaking Center April 3-28, 2015.  The new series, “Duets: Reveling in Remembering” reflects her response to the profound changes in her life.  With the death of her husband, the artist John Wood, the move back to Ithaca, and the retirement from a teaching career in Baltimore, Maryland, the past few years have been a time of profound transition and loss.  It also has been a time of re-learning, re-membering, re-making, re-garding and re-creating. 




H. Peter Kahn Retrospective

Opening Reception
Friday, May 1, 5-8pm
May 1 - May 30, 2015

In coordination with the Kahn Family and Ruth Kahn, the Ink Shop will host H. Peter Kahn Retrospective, curated by Christa Wolf. As a Professor Emeritus of Cornell University, Professor Kahn's life-long passion for prints, drawing, painting, and calligraphy will be spotlighted. This show will be a rare look at the breadth and depth of his repertoire, and will celebrate the career of this beloved teacher, artist, and cultural icon.

Witchcraft | Camille Chew

Opening Reception
Friday, April 3, 5-8pm
April 3 - April 28, 2015

Digital prints and mixed media artworks exploring the fantasy world of Camille Chew.
Camille is an Ithaca native who recently graduated from Alfred University and who was chosen as a summer intern at the Ink Shop. Camille is one of many fine young artists earning degrees from Alfred University's prestigious printmaking program, who have impressive work. The Ink Shop is delighted to showcase this talented young artist.


Camille Chew, Witch Series: Broomstick, digital print

Camille Chew, Witch Series: Demon, digital print

Camille Chew, Witch Series: Broomstick, digital print

Selected Prints and Artist Books | IC Students and Faculty Exhibit

Opening Reception
Friday, March 6, 5-8pm
March 6 - March 28, 2015

Selected Prints and Artist Books by students at Ithaca College, taught by Susan Weisend, chair of the art department, Pamela Drix, Minna Resnick, and Patricia Hunsinger.

Curated by Pamela Drix, cofounder of the Ink Shop, who currently teaches at Ithaca College. This exhibition will highlight the best work by students in introductory and advanced printmaking classes at Ithaca College

This shows brings together original prints and Artist Books by students at Ithaca College where printmaking techniques are integral to the department’s visual art curriculum. Students learn carving techniques, making stencils for screenprints, photolithographic processes, and various intaglio processes including drypoint, mezzotint, and hard ground line etching. The faculty is dedicated to teaching the art and craft of the print. These prints represent a wonderful overview of their efforts.

(Top Right) Gracee Bulger-Oakley, Genuine, linocut

(Bottom) Tatiana Malkin, Paper Crane, intaglio

Something About Mary

Something About MaryOpening Reception Fri, Feb 6, 5-8pm
Feb. 6 - Mar. 28, 2015

Something About Mary Print Portfolio is a tribute to Mary Manusos who won the 2014 Outstanding Printmaker Award this year by the Mid America Print Council.

In more than 35 years of teaching at Ohio University, Mary has touched the lives of many students and colleagues in various ways. Her generosity, her amazing work ethic, her insightful feedback and her drive to foster collaborative work environments are some of the ways in which she has influenced those around her. The participants in this portfolio all share the common thread of being inspired in some way by Mary.

Participating Artists: Abner Jonas, Adam Leestma, Amanda Morris, Annette Gaspers, Art Werger, Barry O’Keefe, Benjy Davies, Caroline Walp, Cayla Skillin-Brauchle, Charlie TouvelI, Connie Wolfe, Danielle C. Wyckoff, Jeremy Lundquist, Jeremy Plunkett, Joey Behrens, John Cizmar, Josh Dannin, Karla Hackeumiller, Kathleen Ristinen, Laura H. Drapac, Mary Manusos, MauPresutti, Melissa Haviland, Misty Morrison, Patricia Hunsinger, Patrick M. O’Connor, Robert Howsare, Sage Perrott, Sarah Dahlinger, Scott Smith




dirty pictures | curated by Joshua McManus & Benjy Davies

Opening Reception
Fri, Feb 6, 5-8pm
Feb. 6 - Feb. 28, 2015

dirty pictures was curated by Joshua McManus and Benjy Davies in 2000. 
While printmaking has long been touted as the most democratic medium, and was rightly associated with political and social change, it also has a long history of being used for more personal and private purposes. Being invited to "come up and see my etchings" was a prelude to seduction in the late 19th and early 20th century, and the etchings, woodcuts and lithographs were often risqué or salacious themselves. Artists such as Thomas Rolandson, Paul Avril and Aubrey Beardsley were known for their erotic prints, and the explicit Shunga Japanese woodblock prints were widely collected in Europe.
This portfolio was created in order to invite contemporary 21st century artists to make work that relates both directly and indirectly to printmaking's history of erotica, sensual images and downright dirty pictures. Artists were encouraged to interpret the theme "dirty pictures" however they liked. Parental discretion is advised.
Artists include:  Abner Jonas, Jeremy Lundquist, Aimee Lannis, Robert Lazuka, Jimmie Dormer, Tim Dooley, Noah Hyleck, Benjy Davies, John Terry, Melissa Ezelle,  Valeri Wallace, Randy Bolton, Nicole Hand, Mark Hosford, Alexander Kvares, Karla Hackenmiller, Michael Barnes, Joel Peck, Aaron Wilson, Joshua McMannus, Bill Mason, Nancy Palmeri, Sean Star Wars, Kyle Trowbridge, Mary Manusos, James Turner, Patricia Hunsinger, Brian Worsley, David Hostetler, Eben Howley, Matt Eberle, Scott Smith and Heather Marr.

Portfolio provided by Patricia Hunsinger


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