Exquisit Corpse

Invented in the 1920’s, a Surrealist adaptation of a French parlour game called petits papiers in which players would write on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal all but the last few words, and then pass it to the next player for further contribution. A visual adaptation evolved using graphic compositions in place of the written. 

This is the second iterations of a portfolio project initiated in 2009. The Ink Shop requested participants to submit an entire figure or form as a 10”x30” image to be divided by the artist into three equal 10”x10” squares. These squares are integrated with other submissions during the installation, mixed and matched in an exhibit of unanticipated results. 

We accepted any traditional printmaking technique. Digital elements if combined with etchings, lithos, screen prints, reliefs and/or monotypes were welcome. 

After the exhibit the work was not returned to the individual artist. Rather, in the spirit of chance, we devided the entries into groups of 15 and assemble them into one of a kind boxed portfolios containing 45 squares equaling 15 “corpses”. The Ink Shop reserved two for exhibition and two were raffled to participents. Each submission was good for one entry in the raffle. The more prints you submitted, the more likely you would get a portfolio in return.


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