HereThere | Poetics of Place

HereThere | Poetics of Place, Curated by Pamela Drix, is a combinatory concept that attempts to address the complex relationship between our experience and the world we inhabit.  "There is a fluid interaction between the world of thought and the world of forms. I wanted to find artists who approach some aspect of this complexity in their work.The poetics of place embraces this. Whether such issues of migration, habitation, ecological disaster, covering our bodies, or making structures, these artists grapple with aspects of placedness."


Ren Adams • Johnny Adimando • Fawn Atencio • Phyllis Bishop
Jacob Crook • Pamela Drix • Nina Earley• Liza Folman • Lindsey Glover
Ladislav Hanka • Patricia Hunsinger • Jessica Leo • Ya La'ford
Phyllis McGibbon • Stephanie Marcus • Mionika Niwelinska • Rhea Novak
Heather Parrish • Clarissa Plank • Rita Ponce deLeon • Tatiana Potts
Masha Ryskin • Elena Smyrniotis • Tanja Softic • Sarah Sutton
Susan Weisend • Yuemei Zhang

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