Mary Ellen Long & Genie Shenk | Artist Books

Mary Ellen Long & Genie Shenk | Artist Books  10/5 - 10/27
We are very happy to be hosting an exhibit by two book artists, Mary Ellen Long and Genie Shenk who will install wall work and three-dimensional works of paper, text, imagery, and found objects. Mary Ellen Long’s books explore themes of nature, ritual, process and time. Mary Ellen’s "forest stories" use paper, photography, mixed media, and found materials to document her environmental statements and other subjects such as family, the process of aging, and cultural issues. Mary Ellen was born in Los Angeles and lived in North San Diego County before moving to Durango, Colorado 34 years ago. A multi-media artist, she exhibits throughout the wide world of art. She received BA and MA degrees from San Diego State and has received grants from the Colorado Arts Council. Mary Ellen has been a featured artist at The Center for Book Arts in New York City and has been an artist-in-residence at Edgemont Highlands in Durango creating outdoor environmental art for 9 years.

Genie Shenk’s work in book arts is diverse. Her installations include Spiral, a circular sculpture made up of 150 large modular books, and Word Book, suspended pages of lettered kozo and mica. Griefpieces range in topic from deaths to national disasters, and often feature found objects such as rusty letters, old battery parts, rock-hard fudge. But the focus of most of her research and experimentation is dream logs and related dream pieces. “I see myself as one of the artists who use the book as a register, for dreams, belongings, travels, events. By defining their own lives, they are drawn to life's core.” Genie is an artist, art teacher, retired from San Diego Mesa College and the Athenaeum in La Jolla, CA. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, National Surface Design Association, San Diego Artists Guild, American Crafts Council, Allied Craftsmen, Artists Equity, and California Fibers.

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