No Land Escapes

No Land Escapes curated by Barbara McPhail
Reception Fri, Mar 1, 2013        Feb 1 - Mar 29, 2013

No Land Escapes is an exhibit by six artists from NY State and Wisconsin whose work speaks to the environmental, health, and social issues of continued fossil fuel development.

Pamela Drix  |  Elizabeth Durand  |  Craig Mains
Barbara McPhail  |  Teri Power  |  Kathleen Sherin

The artists’ viewpoints feature many facets of the fossil fuel development issue, including the changed landscape, the potential of toxicity, related water issues, the beauty of the landscape pre-drilling, and spiritual references embodied in Native American ideas of preservation and protection of the earth. The stories told in the images are informative, heartbreaking and hold this self-evident truth; no landscape involved in fossil fuel development escapes impact.

The exhibit includes printmakers featuring unusual scale, sculptural print combinations, innovative and traditional techniques, and artists from varied geographic locations.

All exhibits made possible with help from the Community Arts Partnership
and special support for this exhibit by the Puffin Foundation



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Elizabeth Durand 4


Barbara McPhail Eviction


Craig Mains Gas Rig Fire


Kathleen Sherin TOF


Teri Power Changing Landscapes


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