Impressions from Rembrandt

Woodcut by Lucy Plowe, SwanImpressions from Rembrandt

Opening Reception
Friday, April 6, 2018, 5-8pm
April 6- April 27, 2018

Impressions from Rembrandt is a collection of prints produced by 14 students in the Introduction to Print Media course, taught by Professor Gregory Page and assisted by MPF Printmaking Technician Julianne Hunter and teaching assistant Libby Rosa at Cornell University in the Academic Year 2017-2018.  Students created a portfolio of 18 limited edition prints utilizing various techniques taught in class including lithography, woodcut relief and screen printing. Each print measures 11”x15” and is hand-printed on various archival grade fine art papers.

Rembrandt, a Dutch master of the 17th Century, gave rise to important ways of image making. His subject matter and style influenced generations of artists to come. The students responded to the plethora of subjects in Rembrandt’s etchings, ranging from portraits to genre scenes and landscapes to narratives. The students visited The Johnson Museum twice to view the exhibition and to study several Rembrandt prints up-close. The work responds to Lines of Inquiry: Learning From Rembrandt’s Etchings, an exhibition co-curated by Andrew C. Weislogel and Andaleeb Badiee Banta at The Johnson Museum of Art.

Special thanks to Cathy Rosa Klimaszewski, Andrew C. Weislogel, and Carolyn Benedict Fraser for their support and collaboration.


The Poetics of Printing & the Printing of Poetry | Broadsides from the Wells Book Arts

the poetics of printmakingDetail of broadside written by Dan Rosenberg To Miles, January 2015 and Alicia Rebecca Myers Harmer's Market ; Letterpress by Richard Kegler

The Poetics of Printing & the Printing of Poetry
Broadsides from the Wells Book Arts 5/4-5/26

Paul Van Atta | 2017-2018 Kahn Family Fellow

Paul Van Atta | Molotov Cocktail
2017/18 Kahn Family Fellow

Opening Reception Friday, June 9, 2018
6/1 - 6/30

Illustrator/printmaker Paul Van Atta will exhibit a new body of work that started as an experiment with found materials, and developed into a means of engaging with the public. This body of work shares the humor and animosity of a complex society and started shortly after Paul Van Atta graduated from SUNY New Paltz with an MFA in printmaking. This work has now turned into a dialogue between the creative and the world changing and swaying on capital. 

Jim Garmhausen | Isolated Narratives

Jim Garmhausen  | Isolated Narratives  6/1 - 7/28

An exhibit of pages taken from books yet to be written. Each page implies a greater story. Viewers are invited to supply names for the books, and the best name choosers will bring home a print of that piece at the conclusion of the exhibit. 

Annual Print Sale

Annual Print Sale 9/7 - 9/29
The Ink Shop has its Annual Print Sale before the holidays. Our collection of prints is extensive and represents some of the best printmakers around. Through this sale, and all exhibits presented by The Ink Shop, we remind the public that prints make great gifts. We are always encouraging people to support the Arts by buying more Art!

Member Exhibit

Member Exhibit  8/3-9/29
Each year, The Ink Shop launches a Members' show, giving our membership the opportunity to exhibit their newest work. This is always a popular show that gives the public the opportunity to see the new work coming out of The Ink Shop, Central New York's only community printmaking facility.

Reflexion | Printmakers of Atelier de gravure de la Villedieu

Reflexion | Printmakers of Atelier de gravure de la Villedieu  8/3-9/30

Mary Ellen Long & Genie Shenk | Artist Books

Mary Ellen Long & Genie Shenk | Artist Books  10/5 - 10/27

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