Printmaker Associate Membership Renewal

Printmaker Associate Monthly Payment

We've added automatic monthly payments or the traditional yearly payment as an option via Paypal. You can still stop by the shop and pay in person, send a check in the mail, or request a Square Invoice if you do not have PayPal.

Please make sure you have gone through the application process before making a payment as a Printmaker Associate. Contact for information.


Printmaker Associate Monthly Subscription

Printmaker Associate Yearly Subscription

Note: The installment plan is only available as an automatic payment and as a yearly subscription.


TIS Storage Bin

Art Storage Bin

TIS Storage Drawer [Silver] silver unavailable atm

Flat File Drawer (37"x25" - Silver)

TIS Storage Drawer [Brown]

Flat File Drawer (43"x32" - Brown)

TIS Key Deposit [will be refunded when keys are returned]


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