The Space ______ Between | Ian McCoy

Opening Reception
Friday, August 7, 5-8 pm
August 7 - August 31, 2015

Prints and sculptural work by Ian McCoy

"What would it mean for me to be worth more than the sum of my construction? The space I hold within me, its weight per cubic inch pressing down on another, how much do I weigh to you? In ways of gravity what kind of presence do I hold, what can I attract and keep in orbit? And what greater forces am I held in place by so that my inner and outer spaces remain as they came? Cycles surround; I only see what is placed in front of me, walls constrain, no windows to crack open & feel the breeze, no holes to peer out. I am what I live in and where our skin sinks through the floor boards."

Ian McCoy is the 2015 Kahn Family Fellow. A graduate of Alfred University, Ian's work reveals exceptional depth and sophistication as a bookmaker and printmaker. This work was created during his Fellowship year.

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Scout Dunbar Studio

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