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Join the Ink Shop and get your hands dirty!
Memberships are based on an annual time period, July 1 - June 30 each year. The Ink Shop prefers payment for a full year of membership at the beginning of the membership year, but will pro-rate the amount depending on the month the artist joins.


Printmaker Associate
Fee: $600 per year
Automatic payment available after portfolio review. (Automatic payment online)

Share a fully equipped printmaking studio 24/7 for $52 a month!
Artists can become a Printmaker Associate by submitting a resume and samples of his/her work (in the form of a portfolio, slides, CD, or other means) to be juried by the Executive Committee. Candidates must show competence in one or more aspects of printmaking and be willing to take an active part in the shop.

 Printmaker Associates receive benefits including unlimited access to the shop (as a key holder), eligibility for inclusion in shows both in our gallery spaces, as well as elsewhere. Printmaker Associates are able to participate in exchange portfolios and book projects, receive a 15% discount on all workshops, our print bins and print drawers, have possibilities to participate in exchange exhibitions, and receive discounts on prints, paper and books.

Printmaker Associates attend general meetings, act as shop manager on a rotating basis, & serve on a committee. Qualified printmakers may participate in editioning for others and have the opportunity to offer workshops, both on a fee basis.


Artist Associate
Fee: $485 per year  (Automatic payment online)

Have use of the studio during our open hours for $42 a month!
For those artists who are not professional printmakers, and feel that they need some supervision or technical help in producing their prints, the Artist Associate level of membership  entitles them to open access during supervised posted hours. Artist Associates receive a 15% discount on workshops and Olive Branch prints, paper, and books. They have opportunities to exhibit in associate shows and participate in other special print or book portfolios. They can also become an Ink Shop instructor if they demonstrate strong skill and ability to teach. 

Membership entitles you to various advantages, including a 15% on any 


workshop throughout the year. As a community of artists sharing a studio, members are expected to respect the needs of others, keep a clean studio, and participate actively in the ongoing activities of the shop, either volunteering on committees or helping when you can. If you are interested in joining as an associate, please contact us and we will provide you an application form. Finally, all associates get special offers and discounts from the Frame Shop on Buffalo Street in Ithaca. 

Please CLICK HERE for additional information about the Frame Shop's benefits for Ink Shop associates.

Drawers and Bins click here for more information on the payment options via paypal
Checks, cash, and credit card are also accepted!

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