Intro to Relief | Jenny Pope

Intro to Relief | Jenny Pope


Thurs 8/8 5:30 - 8:30pm
Thurs 8/15 5:30 - 8:30pm
Thurs 8/22 5:30 - 8:30pm
$135 non-associates / $114.75 associates ($35 for materials)

Learn the basic techniques of making relief prints using MDF (medium density fiberboard)! We will focus on registration, mixing inks, and editioning a final print. No prior experience necessary. Students will go home with a print and the knowledge of how to do it again.


Vector Cut Stencil Monotype | Craig Mains

Vector Cut Stencil Monotype | Craig Mains

Saturday, 8/10 10am-4pm
Saturday, 8/17 10am-4pm

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($$35 for materials)

Create stenciled monotypes and using Photoshop, Illustrator and Silhouette software to createsmooth and detailed cuts. This workshop will cover preparing vector graphics, cutting frosted mylar stencils on a Silhoette vinyl cutter and painting stenciled mylar plates with water-based inks to create subtle and intricate monotype prints. This process allows you to paint quickly onto the mylar plates, then transfer the ink to dampened paper using an etching press. You will learn about ghost images, which can achieve wonderful effects. This technique is completely non-toxic, and can be used in a classroom settings.

Paste Paper | Christa Wolf

Saturday, 10/12 10am - 1pm 

$45 non-associates / $38 associates ($20 materials)

We will try different techniques to create a variety of designs and drawings on paper using a simple, non-toxic approach that can easily be brought back to your home. Use the papers you make in this class to cover your own books in the upcoming Basic Book Structures Workshop!









Basic Book Structures | Christa Wolf

Sat 10/19 10am - 2pm
Sat 10/26 10am - 2pm

$120 non-associates / $102 associates ($35 for materials)
Books are containers, holding drawings, words, and information. In this class you will fold, cut, score, tear, and stitch your way to your own unique book. The workshop will focus on the

following book structures: The Instant Book, Accordion, Pamphlets, Flag, Combination Books and techniques on how to make pockets, tunnels, and basic pop-ups. This is an ideal class for both book arts beginners and experienced individuals looking for a fresh approach.


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