Past Workshops


Kathy Friedrich
Oct 15, 16, 2011   Sat/Sun  11AM-4PM

$92 non-associates / $79 associates ($35 for materials)

This workshop will explore various ways of combining the luminosity of encaustic with other printmaking materials and techniques. We'll also be using it as a medium in itself for making monotypes. Besides creating new images, we'll look at ways of enhancing or "re-purposing" some of those old prints we've set aside for some reason.

Multi Block Color Woodcut

Pam Drix
Oct 5, 12, 19,26, 2011   Wed   6-9PM

$180 non-associates / $153 associates (plus $30 for materials)

In this class, students will learn the basic techniques of making color woodcuts. We will focus on registration, mixing inks, planning a reduction or a multiple woodblock image and edition a final print. A prior knowledge of woodcuts is not required. Professional tools will help make this class more enjoyable. Please contact The Ink Shop for tool manufacturers recommended by the instructor.

Figurative Monotype

Monoprint Ink ShopKaren Kucharski
Oct 1, 2, 2011   Sat/Sun   11AM-4PM

$150 non-associates / $128 associates ($50 for materials)

Working with a live model this class will be drawing from observation with
ink. Using the subtractive monotype method the plate is rolled up with ink
first. Then the image is wiped out of the darkened field, with a variety of
tools such as rags or sticks by observing the posed model.

Intro to Photo Screenprint

Chris Arendt
Sept 24, 25, 2011    Sat/Sun   11AM-5PM

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)

Come spend a September weekend learning how to screen print! In this class you will learn how to prepare your screen for printing, mix inks, register a three-color screen print and print a small edition. The printing techniques we will explore are: photo stencils and drawing fluid resist. Please bring sketches or ideas to work with. You are welcome to bring other materials such as wood and fabric to try printing on. Beginners welcome!

Intro to Photoshop HDR

Craig Mains
Sept 22, 29, 2011   Thur   6-9PM

$105 non-associates / $90 associates ($35 for materials)

In image processing, computer graphics, and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allow a greater dynamic range of luminance between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging techniques or photographic methods. Learn the basics with Craig. Digital SLR camera and tripod needed.

Darkfield Monotype

Monotype Ink ShopNeil Berger
Sat/Sun Sept 17, 18, 2011, 12PM – 5PM

$150 non-associates / $128 associates ($35 for materials)

The subtractive monotype, also known as the reductive method, or dark
field monotype, entails rolling up the plate with ink first. Then the image is
wiped out of the darkened field, with a variety of tools such as rags or



LithoGreg Page
Sat/Sun 10AM - 4PM
Sept 10, 11, 2011   

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($20 for materials)

Come learn the magic of photo-lithography printing. For the first day of this intensive workshop we will focus on drawing on transparency film with grease crayons, inks and tusche. Photo-lithography is an aluminum plate that is covered with a photosensitive emulsion. A positive transparency, of Mylar film,  is placed in contact with the plate and exposed to ultraviolet light. After development, the  plate is rolled up with ink and printed through a litho press onto fine art paper. Plate preparation, registration, black and white image with color will be covered.

There will be a strong emphasis on experimentation.

Basic Book Structures

Christa Wolf
Tue/Wed 11AM - 3PM
Sept 6, 7, 13, 14, 2011   

$120 non-associates / $102 associates ($20 for materials)

Books are containers, holding drawings, words, and information. In this class you will fold, cut, score, tear, and stitch your way to your own unique book.  The workshop will focus on the following book structures: The Instant Book, Accordion, Pamphlets, Flag, Combination Books and techniques on how to make pockets, tunnels, and basic pop-ups. This is an ideal class for both book arts beginners and experienced individuals looking for a fresh approach.

Introduction to Illustrator

Craig Mains
Sat, July 16, 23, 2011, 10am – 4pm

$220 non-associates / $187 associates ($10 for materials)

Illustrator is a vector-based, graphic program which helps create crisp
logos and graphics, with or without text. Vectorized images can be scaled
larger or smaller without loosing detail or proportion. We will cover the
fundamentals of creating graphics, using Illustrator’s tools and functions.

Course Fee


Screenprinting on top of Digital Imagery

Patricia Hunsinger
Fri, Sat, Sun, June 17, 18, 19 2011, Fri 6pm – 9pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 10am – 2pm

$240 non-associates / $205 associates ($40 for materials)

Taking screenprinting to the next level, you will be using digital images
along with screenprinting to create an integration of imagery from digital
and hand. The workshop requires previous experience with photo
screenprint and basic Adobe Photoshop. Call and speak with the
instructor if you have questions.

Course Fee


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