Past Workshops

Etching I

Tim Merrick
Tuesdays Feb 2, 9, 16, 23

6 - 9 pm
$220 non-associates / $187 associates (plus $35 for materials)

Learn hard ground and soft ground etching techniques on copper plates. We will be using a non-toxic etching bath. Proofing and printing will be taught. No printmaking experience necessary. Beginners welcome.





Intro to Photoshop CS4 (Rescheduled)

Saturday, March 6 and 13,

$110 non-associates / $94 associates  (plus $10 for materials)


Designed for beginners, this course covers the fundamentals of manipulating images using Adobe Photoshop CS4 software.  You will get hands-on training in configuring Photoshop preferences and color settings, making basic exposure corrections, improving color and contrast, painting and retouching, and making selections with a range of Photoshop tools.  In addition, you will gain a good understanding of file formats, image scale and resolution, saving images and more.


Matting and Framing

Pamela Drix
Wed Dec 2, 9, 16
6 - 9 pm

$165 non-associates / $140 associates (plus $30 for materials)

A hands-on practical workshop for anyone who needs to frame art that you have kept in the drawer too long.  Learn how to cut a window mat, float a print with hinges, and assemble two mats inside a frame with glass or plexiglass.  Bring two pieces of art on paper to class.  Off-white acid-free matboard and one standard white foamcore will be provided.  Pam will order two frames for each person (frame cost is an additional cost), which we will assemble during the last day of the workshop.

Digital Slides

Tim Merrick
Tue, Thu Dec 1, 3, 10
6 - 9 pm

$165 non-associates / $140 associates (plus $20 for materials)

This workshop introduces artists to digital slide-taking of artwork. Learn how to use a digital camera, take images of your artwork, color correct and edit images and transfer the images to slides and CD.  Digital cameras will be provided.  Please bring one work of art to photograph.  Knowledge of Photoshop is helpful but not necessary.

Digital Printing

Rebecca Godin
Mon, Wed  6 - 9 pm
Nov 9, 11, 16

$165 non-associates /$140 associates (plus $10 for materials)

Make a high-quality digital print of any size (on your own papers, on canvas, with professional printers, or at home).  Learn how to make and print one giclee layer to combine with other printmaking media (woodcut, silkscreen, gum transfer). Learn Adobe PhotoElements / PhotoShop basics to enhance or alter your image.  Printing of 2 proofs, up to 14" x 20" is included in the class fee.  Rebecca will contact you before the workshop to help with digital files.


Have Individual instruction at home, focused directly on your needs, at your own computer. Efficient and economical. $50 fee plus $25 an hour for exactly what you want.

Non-Toxic Photo Etching (Solar Plate Etching)

Kadie Salfi
Sat 12 - 4 pm
Nov 7, 14, 21

$220 non-associates / $187 associates (plus $30 for materials)

Come discover the fun and ease of solar plate etching!  Solar plate etching is quick, simple, and non-toxic alternative to the traditional photo etching process, using the sun or our new exposure unit and water instead of acid to etch the plates.  We will learn to expose, develop and print solar plates using photo positives or drawings on transparencies.  There will be a strong emphasis on experimentation.  Please bring 5" x 7" photo positives or transparencies with drawings to class.  Previous etching experience required. 

Photo Screen Printing

Kadie Salfi
Wed 6-9pm
Oct 14, 21, 28, Nov 4

$220 non-associates / $187 associates (plus $30 for materials)

Building upon your basic understanding of screenprinting, we will focus more on photo screenprinting to build more complex images using our new exposure unit.  Screen preparations, methods of registration, and mixing and layering colors, will be covered. 


Craig Mains
Sat 1-5pm
Oct 10, 17

$150 non-associates / $125 associates ($20 for materials)

This workshop will emphasize using wet-media acetate with water-based inks to create sophisticated monoprints with simple means.  You will paint with water-based inks on the wet-media acetate, and then transfer the ink with dampened paper using an etching press.  You will learn about "ghost" images to achieve wonderful effects.  This technique is completely non-toxic, and can be used in classroom settings.    

Combination Print

Pamela Drix
Thu 6-9pm
Oct 8, 15, 22, 29

$220 non-associates / $185 associates (plus $30 for materials)

Explore the many possibilities of combination prints, using intaglio, screenprinting, lithographic, or relief processes.  This workshop will cover issues of registration, layering, ink modifications, and image development.  Come prepared to experiment with various options to develop simple or complex prints.

New York Botanic Gardens


Basic Book Structures

Christa Wolf
Wed 10am - 12noon
Oct 7, 14

$75 non-associates / $64 associates ($20 for materials)

Books are  containers, holding drawings, words, and information. In this class you will fold, cut, score, tear, and stitch your way to your own unique book.  The workshop will focus on the following book structures: The Instant Book, Accordian, Pamphlets, Flag, Combination Books and techniques on how to make pockets, bellybands, tunnels, and basic pop-ups. This is an ideal class for both book arts beginners and experienced individuals looking for a fresh approach.

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