Past Workshops

Introduction to Etching | Barbara McPhail

Introduction to Etching | Barbara McPhail

$135 non-associates / $114.75 associates ($35 for materials)

Sun, 2/24      10 AM - 1 PM
Tue, 2/26       6 PM - 9 PM
Thu, 2/28       6 PM - 9 PM

Sometimes the basic etching techniques give the most remarkable results. Learn the initial hard ground and soft ground means of making an etching, as well a proofing and printing. Enjoy the technique of the ages, using copper plates to make art. No experience is necessary. All etching is in a non-toxic etching bath.

Course Fee

Intro to Relief | Jenny Pope

Intro to Relief | Jenny Pope

Tue, 2/19 6  PM 9 PM
Thu, 2/21 6  PM 9 PM

$90 non-associates / $76.5 associates ($30 for materials)

Learn the basic techniques of making relief prints using MDF (medium density fiberboard.) We will focus on registration, mixing inks, and editioning a final print. No prior experience necessary. Carving tools provided for class use. Materials fee includes paper, inks, and wood.

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Make Your Own Money

Make Your Own Money | Craig Mains

Sat, 11/17  10 AM 4 PM
Sun, 11/18 10 AM 4 PM

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)

Take control of the economy by producing your own currency!
Well, not really, what we'll be doing is less likely to land you in
the penitentiary...that is making funny money using polymer
. Choose the faces and monuments you think should be on
your bills. We will provide template to add them too. Learn a
printing process that brings relief in these hard times! And no, you
cannot use money printed here to pay for your class.

Please note: We will not be printing legal tender. The sole purpose
is to have fun, learn printmaking and make amazing stuff.

Course Fee


Mezzotint | Judy Barringer

Sat, 11/10  10 AM 4 PM
Sun, 11/11 10 AM 4 PM

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)

Mezzotint is a printmaking process of the intaglio family, technically a drypoint method. Mezzotint achieves tonality by roughening the plate with thousands of little pits made by a metal tool with small teeth, called a "rocker." The whole surface of the plate, usually copper, is roughened evenly, manually with the rocker, or mechanically. In printing, the tiny pits in the plate hold the ink when the face of the plate is wiped clean. Areas smoothed completely flat will not hold ink at all: such areas will print "white," that is, without ink. By varying the degree of smoothing, mid-tones between black and white can be created, hence the name mezzo-tinto which is Italian for "half-tone" or "halfpainted". This is called working from "dark to light", or the "subtractive" method. A high level of quality and richness in the print can be achieved.

Course Fee

Photo Screenprinting

Photo Screenprinting | Roberto Silva Ortiz

Sat, 11/3  10 AM 4 PM
Sun, 11/4 10 AM 4 PM

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)

Building upon your basic understanding of screenprinting, we will focus more on photo screenprinting to build more complex images using our new exposure unit. Screen preparations, methods of registration, and mixing and layering colors, will be covered.

Course Fee

In & Out of Sculptural Books

In & Out of Sculptural Books | Kumi Korf

Sat, 10/27  10 AM 4 PM
Sun, 10/28 10 AM 4 PM

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($25 for materials)

Since 1985, when I dove into Artists' Books, my passion has been in
inventing new structures for my works, Turning Leaves is one of my
inventions. Imagine a box, cut it in quarters diagonally. Then we
have four empty spaces. They will be hinged to a piece of flat
cardboard so that they are connected. To cover and to fill the
empty spaces is where your artistry comes in. You could use your
own print proofs or purchased decorative papers, and collage
with 2- and 3-dimensional materials is encouraged. The spaces will
be filled with materials from nature (e.g., dry leaves, nuts, shells) or
perhaps a broken mirror (in the case of Turning Leaves). The
structure can be moved into many positions to become sculptural
and architectural.

Course Fee

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Darkfield Monotype

Darkfield Monotype | Neil Berger

Sat, 10/20 11 AM 4 PM
Sun, 10/21 11 AM 4 PM

$150 non-associates / $127.5 associates ($35 for materials)

The subtractive monotype, also known as the reductive method,
or dark field monotype, entails rolling up the plate with ink first.
Then the image is wiped out of the darkened field, with a variety
of tools such as rags or

Course Fee


Photo-lithography | Roberto Silva
Sat, Sun, 10/14-10/15   10-4pm

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($20 for materials)

Come learn the magic of photo-lithography printing. For the first day of this intensive workshop we will focus on drawing on transparency film with grease crayons, inks and tusche. Photo-lithography is an aluminum plate that is covered with a photosensitive emulsion. A positive transparency, of Mylar film,  is placed in contact with the plate and exposed to ultraviolet light. After development, the  plate is rolled up with ink and printed through a litho press onto fine art paper. Plate preparation, registration, black and white image with color will be covered.

There will be a strong emphasis on experimentation.

Course Fee

Sketchup 3D Modeling

Ink Shop Printmaking Center  Computer WorkshopSketchup 3D Modeling | Craig Mains

Sat, 10/13   10am-2pm
Sun, 10/14  11am-2pm

$105 non-associates / $89.25 associates ($24 for materials)

Two days of continuous intensive workshop that covers the Sketchup basics to creating photo-realistic renderings with your Sketchup models.


Encaustics | Kathy Friedrich
Sat, 10/6 10am - 4pm
Sun, 10/7 10am - 4pm

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)



This workshop will explore various ways of combining the luminosity of encaustic with other printmaking materials and techniques. We'll also be using it as a medium in itself for making monotypes. Besides creating new images, we'll look at ways of enhancing or "re-purposing" some of those old prints we've set aside for some reason.

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