Drypoint | Christa Wolf

Drypoint | Christa Wolf

Friday, 11/30 4pm-6pm
Saturday 12/1 2pm - 4pm
Saturday 12/8 2pm - 4pm

$90 non-associates / $76.5 associates ($$35 for materials)


Intaglio has been considered one of the finest and oldest printmaking technique with masters like Duerer, Rembrandt, Whistler and many more. In intaglio engraved lines are being inked and printed. In Drypoint the lines are directly scratched  with different tools, often a needle into copper plates. The image can be worked over several times, printed in different stages, and producing richer images each times. The burr of the needle leave partly fussy borders that produce lively lines. 
We will try our hands on two small images working through the process of drawing and then printing the plates in at least three different stages. Bring sketches of line drawings. 

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