Laser Cut Woodblock - Partnership w/ Ithaca Generator

Laser Cut Woodblock - Collaboration w/ Ithaca Generator | Rebecca Hahn

11am - 3pm (12 hours)

Saturday, March 18 - Ink Shop

Sunday, March 19 - Ithaca Generator

Saturday, March 25 - Ink Shop


This workshop will be a collaboration between the Ithaca Generator and the The Ink Shop Printmaking Center. In a spin on the traditional woodblock print, participants will learn how to bring the old into the new through use of modern technology. Instead of carving out the block by hand, risking cuts, splinters, and sore fingers, they will learn how to prepare their (already constructed) image to be laser cut at the Ithaca Generator. This preparation will include rudimentary steps in Photoshop as well as in the laser cutter software. After the image has been cut we will reconvene at the Ink Shop to print the images. While at the Ink Shop participants will learn printshop etiquette through printing their single color woodblock. They will learn how to prepare the press and ink for printing, how to evenly ink their block, and how to respect and care for the equipment they are using in the shop. After printing we will discuss how to clean the surfaces used and why the things we do are important. Participants will leave the class with a basic understanding of how to prepare an image to be laser cut out of a woodblock, and how to then print that image using a relief printmaking technique.


**last day to register is 3 days before start of class (March 15)**

*participants should arrive to the class with an established single color design/drawing they want to work with. design may be hand or computer generated (if done on computer please bring on a flashdrive or memory card)*


$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)

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