Photolithography | Jennifer Scheuer

Photolithography | Jennifer Scheuer

Sat, July 23, 11am - 4:30pm
Sun, July 24, 11am - 4:30pm

$165 non-associates / $140 associates ($35 for materials)

Photolithography for beginners introduces the possibilities and ease of this lithographic process to make prints from a drawing or cut outs on a transparency. Photolithography is an aluminum plate that is covered with a photosensitive emulsion, and a positive is placed in contact with the plate and exposed to ultraviolet light. After development the plate is rolled up with ink and printed on a lithography press on fine art paper. 

Please come with a sketch that may be realized with an aesthetic of a pencil drawing or ink wash as we will draw with stabilo pencils, grease crayons, and tusche. In this workshop students will create a two color print using a key image with a color run.  Plate preparation, registration, black and colored inks will be covered; as well as additional hand coloring with techniques using the press (monotype/stencil/pochoir). Emphasis will be placed on experimentation and the use of the multiple to create individualized imagery.  Bring brushes, and colored pencils/watercolor for additional color exploration. Final Print: 11” x 15”


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*Registration and payment required one week prior to class start date.

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