Polyester Plate Lithography | Jennifer Scheuer

Polyester Plate Lithography | Jennifer Scheuer

Sat, Apr 9, 10am - 2:30pm

$68 non-associates / $57 associates ($30 for materials)

The polyester lithography plate is a simple small-run printmaking technique that can be used for artists' editioning, monoprinting, or used in the classroom appealing to a range of skill from elementary to post secondary education. A drawing is completed on the plate using markers, pens, ink, or a laser printer. The polyester paper is then wet, inked, and printed (either on a lithography press, etching press or by hand!) Additions and deletions may be made to the printing matrix and creating multiple color prints is simple due to the transparent nature of the plate. The process is non-toxic, using toothpaste as chemistry.

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