Vector Cut Stencil Monotype | Craig Mains (Session 2) FILLED

 Vector Cut Stencil Monotype | Craig Mains

Saturday, 2/9        10am - 4pm
Saturday,   2/16    10am - 4pm

$180 non-associates / $153 associates ($35 for materials)

Create stenciled monotypes using Photoshop, Illustrator and Silhouette software to make smooth and detailed cut shapes as a base matrix for making some exciting prints.  This workshop will cover preparing vector graphics, cutting frosted mylar stencils on a Silhoette vinyl cutter and painting stenciled mylar plates with water-based inks to create subtle and intricate monotype prints. This process allows you to paint quickly onto the mylar plates, then transfer the ink to dampened paper using an etching press. You will learn about ghost images, which can achieve wonderful effects. This technique is completely non-toxic, and can be used in a classroom settings.




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