Hannah Law, woodcut

Hannah Law | Day to Day

Hannah Law | Day to Day

Jun 2 - Jul 19, 2023

Hannah Law is an artist, musician and educator who is deeply concerned with craft and the medium's egalitarian spirit. She focuses on scenes from everyday life; countrysides from her hometown in upstate New York, wildlife and domestic still lives. She creates images of ...

Linocut for Beginners | Hannah Law

Linocut for Beginners | Hannah Law

July 5, 2023 at Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery

In this class, students will be guided through the linoleum cut relief printing process start to finish. The process will include creating a sketch for a print, transferring it onto a block of linoleum, carving with tools, and printing on the press.

Fred Madden Retrospective

Fred Madden Retrospective

Sep 1 - Oct 25, 2023

We are excited to present the brilliant and beautiful work of multi-talented and creative artist, Fred Madden. This selection represents years of Fred's passion for photography and imagery that is playful the use of color, light, and pattern and often rooted in experime...

Ink Shop COVID-19 updates

In order to help protect the health of our member printmakers, and the public, the Ink Shop Printmaking Center will be implementing the following changes:
  • We respect and encourage wearing masks.
  • Please practice distancing
  • We are now open our regular hours.
  • The Ink Shop will maintain safe capacity during eventsThe Ink Shop considered these steps carefully and will continue to revue our options and will make updates to our website as soon as there are any changes. Please direct questions or concerns to the Ink Shop email: artists@ink-shop.org

Please stay safe and healthy,

The Ink Shop

The Ink Shop is sad to share the news that Fred Madden, Professor of English, photographer,  and long-time member of the Ink Shop Printmaking Center has died peacefully on December 6, 2021.

Fred was a multi-talented and creative artist. Visitors to the Ink Shop gravitate immediately to his work. Consistently brilliant and beautiful, Fred’s imagery is a digital form of impressionism that is both reflective and delightful. 

Fred has been a wonderful friend who has stepped up to help out in many ways. Helping annually with the Ithaca Artists Market with his humor and helping hands. Without fan-fare and with a warm heart, he made sure we knew his appreciation for Ink Shop and that appreciation is mutual.  He and his wife Taf have been the most incredible supporters of the Ink Shop for which we are forever grateful. 

We’ve lost a good friend and a beautiful light.