The Olive Branch Press is a press for producing professional editions of hand-printed prints and artist books, which are created in our studios for galleries and museums and print/book collectors. We have worked with the following artists: Kumi Korf, Zevi Blum, Buzz Spector, Kay WalkingStick, Peter Jogo, Katherine Anderson, and Maddy Rosenberg.

The formation of this press is based on the establishment of the Olive Press which began in the late 1980’s at Cornell University with two professors Greg Page and Viktor Kord, who published a series of professional publications independent of the university. Greg Page, a founding member of The Ink Shop, encouraged us to continue this legacy through the Olive Branch Press.

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Note: If you are looking for an Olive Branch Press publication not listed here (not related to Printmaking or Art), you may be seeking to contact a different publisher by the same name.

You can find them at:

Interlink Publishing
46 Crosby Street
Northampton, MA 01060-1804
T: (413) 582-7054
Toll Free: 1-800-238-LINK

Some of these publications are now in the following collections:

Cornell University Libraries, Ithaca
Zolla-Lieberman Gallery, Chicago
School of Art of the Institute of Chicago Library, Chicago
British Library, London, UK
University of Delaware Library
Tate Modern Gallery Library, London, UK
Getty Research Institute, Santa Monica, CA
Bibliotheque nationale de France
Yale University Library
Museum of Contemporary Photograpghy, Chicago
Tom Levine, NY
Washington University Libraries
Indiana Unviersity Fine Arts Library
Skillman Library at Lafayette College, PA
Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Kindred Spirits Gallery, OR
Mycotaxon Art Collection
Interior Design Firm in Tokyo, Japan
Johnson Art Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca