Intro to Copper Plate Etching | Julianne Hunter

3 Saturdays
3/5, 3/12. 3/19   1pm-4:30pm

$158 non-associates / $134 associates (+$75.00 for materials)

Copper plate etching is a process where a polished piece of copper is processed with either engraving or an acid bath with the intention of creating grooves and lines to hold ink. Ink is applied to the whole plate, then carefully wiped down leaving the ink the grooves and lines. The plate is then run through the press with a sheet of damp paper for the final print.

In this course we will cover the basic methods and techniques of etching, as well as explore some “experimental” mark making approaches. The course is three days, which will allow for enough time to get everyone to the printing stage of the process. In addition to the processes and techniques, I will promote an exploration of imagery, composition and themes because printmakers are artists too!

Course Fee

Intro to Silk Screen | Erin Miller

Intro to Silk Screen | Erin Miller

October 8 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Saturday, October 8, NOON-4pm $60 non-associates / $51 associates ($$35 for materials) Silk screen printing is a fun, nontoxic printing process that involves both photo and handmade stencils. This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of silkscreen p...