Kaleb Hunkele | False Wall

False Wall is a combination of materials, process, and prints. Two traditions inspire the patterns that make up these tiled prints: woven textiles and screen printed editions. Bringing the two together requires repetitive motion that results in repeating patterns and editions, as many weavings and prints will do. These pieces, made of found material cut to size and pattern-printed, upend efficient regularity and instead rely on hand-painted backgrounds to bring irregularity to the changing movement of the body into the work.

As a printmaker, I can’t refuse repetition and reproducible form outright. Still, I do what I can to push against the disappearance of both authorship and the means of production that often go along with prints and textiles. False Wall invites you to a home where the processes of making and viewing come together not only as an encounter with still objects but rather, colorful planes that convey both thought and feeling while reinterpreting tradition.

This pop-up exhibit will be visible from the sidewalk at Cayuga St. Gimme! 430 N Cayuga St, Ithaca, NY 14850