Laura Robert | 0-9+ 2023/24 Kahn Family Fellow Exhibit

The Ink Shop 2023/24 Kahn Family Fellow, Laura Robert, presents work by eleven local artists exploring the numbers zero through nine, plus. each artist was given (or chose) a number, and an allotted acreage to explore and interpret.

Laura is exploring the themes of affirmation, community and education. Her work centers on language and repetition as a venue to educate. Laura sees the Ink Shop opportunity as a large canvas on which to develop a multilayered, multi-textured sharable narrative.

Participating artists are: Mia Brown-Seguin, Bradley Verhelle, Tim Green, Nate Jackson, Oliver Stern, Shanti Morrissey, Jackson Chapin, Matea LeBeau, Clayton Skidmore, Sabine Stock, Jaden Demarest



to quote Erin Miller, 22/23 Fellow,“…to question notions of chance and control.”