The Broadside Project

The Broadside Project is a collaborative project of the Ink Shop Printmaking Center, The Olive Branch Press and the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts. A broadside is a single folio printed on one side, integrating text and image. Historic forerunner to newspapers, advertising and song sheets, today the broadside is a potent forum for expression of poets, artists, politicos and optimists -to name a few. The Broadside Project elevates this humble form to fine art prints, produced as unique collaborations by writers and artists. As limited editions, these prints are unique to the literary tradition of broadsides because they are produced individually with great care and sensitivity to the printing process.


Excerpt from the novel Jessie’s Tune, by Nancy Kline, with art by Calla Thompson, printed by Leslie Eliot with assistance by Samantha Couture.

Silkscreen, black and white

Paper: Somerset Satin

Edition of 20


Limbic, by Sheldon Flory, with art by Kim Waale, printed by Miri Amihai with assistance by Samantha Couture

Digital ink jet process, black and white

Paper: Somerset enhanced

Edition of 20


Too Much Make of Time, by Jennifer Scott, with art by Minna Resnick, printed by Christa Wolf

Lithography and silkscreen, three colors

Paper: Rives BFK

Edition of 20

All prints are $200 each, or $550 for the series of three. All prints are 20″ x 15″ on acid-free paper. Proceeds from the sales will support the Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press.