Image of virtual Ink Shop Studio Gallery
We wish we could see you in person, but in the mean time we are setting up a virtual exhibit of "I See You". Here's some of the Cornell prints going up now. 
Ink Shop COVID-19 Closure
Dear Friends and Ink Shop Community,
In response to elevated concerns of the spread of COVID-19 and in order to help protect the health of our member printmakers, and the public, the Ink Shop Printmaking Center will be implementing the following changes:
  • The Ink Shop will Postpone the I See You exhibit and First Friday reception until further notice. We will be hosting an on-line exhibit once instructors can gain access to the work. We will start posting image via social media as they come in. 
  • Please be advised that The Ink Shop will be closing its facilities to members, including key holders through July 15 (please check our website for further notice)
The Ink Shop considered these steps carefully and will continue to revue our options and will make updates to our website as soon as there are any changes. Please direct questions or concerns to the Ink Shop email:


Please stay safe and healthy,

The Ink Shop

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