Cleo Wilkinson | Made in the Shade

Cleo Wilkinson, Pledge, mezzotint

Cleo Wilkinson | Made in the Shade     Apr 5 - May 24, 2019
Reception  Fri, May 3, 2019, 5-8pm

Australian printmaker, Cleo Wilkinson, is one of the few artists working in mezzotint today. The mezzotint technique has remained unchanged for 300 years. Its characteristic rich black tone is achieved by roughening the metal plate with a rocker that pits the plate to accept a generous amount of ink. This is followed by burnishing it to bring out lighter tones and highlights. Cleo has designed her own unique, handcrafted roulette which creates the unique stippled texture of her images. The tiny dots created on the plate by the roulette are the ancestor of the Pixel. She explains, “My interest lies in the power to evoke disquieting and elusive moments with  subtle nuances of hope - in the form of light  that the richness  and halftones of  the mezzotint can uncover. I define objects as they emerge from the darkness, just as a thought emerges from one’s memory”. Her haunting prints, many of which are very small, beckon the viewer to come closer and to truly engage with each piece. Cleo is the two-time winner of the Ink Shop's Mini Print International Exhibit.



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