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Fred Madden


Fred Madden is a photographer who has exhibited in one-man and group shows across the United States and in England. His exhibitions include woven and 3-D photographs as well as solarized and Diana prints. He is presently an artist’s associate at The Ink Shop in Ithaca, New York . His education includes graduate courses in film-making and television production and a photography course(passed with distinction) at Oxford Polytechnic(now Brookes University) in England. In addition, he taught photography for seven years at West Oxfordshire Technical College in England.


As a result of my contact in the Inkshop with different kinds of prints from those created by photographic means, I have attempted, in the last couple of years, to give my prints qualities associated with inked prints. In some of my prints, I have reduced the tonal range of color to a minimum while emphasizing the graphic qualities of the original print. I have also worked to reduce texture to emphasize line in other prints. Just recently, I have been working to reintroduce photographic elements into what appear to be inked prints. Essentially, I have been working on the lines between photography and printing with ink.


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