Buzz Spector - Between the Sheets

 Between the Sheets
                     by artist Buzz Spector

"That the physical fact of a page includes the thickness of the paper is understood. That the page folded back on itself makes an interior and an exterior space is understood. That this interiority might model the space of unarticulated thoughts is understood. That there is no economy of writing which allows, simply, all thoughts equal access to the manuscript is understood. That the extension of narrative into the thoughts of others is a capacity of writing is understood. That the customary behaviors of reading do not admit to peeking into unauthorized zones may not be so well understood. This book only makes its sense known to you, dear reader, if you have understood the invitation to peek between the sheets." Buzz Spector

MEDIUM Handmade Japanese style cloth-bound book w/digital photographs and letter press

The book, Between the Sheets was produced by Buzz Spector and The Ink Shop/ Olive Branch Press in 2003. The publication price for the first 30 in the edition is $450. Edition numbers 31 through 35 is $600. Edition numbers 36 through 40 is $750. Buzz Spector is a well-known and highly respected artist. whose published artist books are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modem Art in New York and the Getty Museum in Califomia. "Between the Sheets" has already been ordered for different collections, e.g.The Library of Congress, Washington DC. Proceeds from the sales of "Between the Sheets" will benefit future projects and programs of The Ink Shop Printmaking Center and The Olive Branch Press.  Please contact us for more information.
Buzz Spector



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