Zevi Blum - When I Did Not Die

  When I Did Not Die
            by artist Zevi Blum & poet Judith Levey-Kurlander 

Zevi Blum


As the first of the H. Peter Kahn Memorial books, 'When I Did Not Die" is a tribute to Peter Kahn as a book artist, calligrapher, teacher, and educator. The book pairs five etchings by Zevi Blum with five poems by Judith LeveyKurlander. Zevi and Judith were friends and neighbors in Ithaca for many years. While Zevi's etchings were originally conceived around the Renaissance theme of the "Dance of Death", the poems of the late Judith Levey-Kurlander were written during her time of illness. Both artists have found a voice around the theme of death, each facing the reality of dying in unique, optimistic, and complimentary ways.
Edition Size  30
Dimensions H 17.5" X W 14" X D 1"
Medium Etchings and letterpress. printed on Fabriano Murillo paper Handmade cloth-covered portfolio or bound book

The book. When I Did Not Die was printed in the Summer 2001 at The Ink Shop Printmaking Center and published by The Olive Branch Press.

The price for the unbound books is $950 and the hand-bound books is $1,150.

Zevi Blum's prints are widely acknowledged. Proceeds from the sales will benefit future projects and programs of The Ink Shop Printmaking Center and The Olive Branch Press. Please contact us for more information.

Zevi Blum image 1Zevi Blum image2

                    toot toot tootie                                          The Dance Before

Zevi Blum image3Zevi Blum image4

                  Ride After                                             Festival Dancing #2

Zevi Blum image5

                 Festival Dancing #1

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