I See You (IC/CU) 2020

Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery 330 E. State St., ITHACA

Digital Exhibit in Progress TBA

The Ink Shop is pleased to host the 5th joint show of prints by students of two strong printmaking programs at Ithaca College and Cornell University.The fine art print possesses conceptual complexity which is deeply embedded in contemporary art practices. These prints explore aspects of this conversation, questioning what prints are and how they function. These works are richly diverse with unique approaches using traditional methods, ranging from beginner to advanced practitioners. Accessing a rich history of distributable and reproducible media, these prints are placed square in our present, digital moment and present questions both age-old and prescient.

Limerick Studio Printmakers | 20 Years of Change

Following a successful joint project honoring the tenth anniversary of both studios in 2009/10, Limerick Printmakers is proud to collaborate once again with The Ink Shop on this ambitious print […]

Ink Shop Printmakers 20/20 Portfolio

Ink Shop Printmakers take part in creating a double exchange portfolio creating an edition of 21 prints to swap between Ink Shop member and to exchange work between Limerick Printmakers […]

Kaleb Hunkele | Open Edition

Gimme! Coffee - Cayuga St. Pop Up 403 N. Cayuga St., Ithaca

Open Edition, is a collaborative animated exhibit of sound, print and film. Kaleb will experiment with the printed edition in three formats using direct animation (printing on 16mm film), overlapping repetitions in printmaking with the regularity of the frame in film as the basis for creating his first edition. The second edition, he plans to include printmakers, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, writers and photographers, conducting interviews to discuss processes, specifically with regard to the multiple to produce a self published book for the exhibit and online reference.