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Ink Shop Printmakers exhibit at Elmira Collage

The Ink Shop will be showing at the George Waters Art Gallery at Elmira College
October 10 - November 7. Opening Reception is October 10 5-7pm


Directions from Ithaca to the George Waters Gallery:

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The Waning October Moon | installation by Debra Fisher

“The Waning October Moon” is an installation composed of intaglio prints mounted on wood, drawings, found objects, etched copper plates, and fabric, creating an environmental experience for the audience.   In October of 2006, Fisher had spent four months in the hospital.  This installation of books and prints resulted from the life changing events experienced during that time.  Each piece represents a memory, person, place or events, which are interrelated, made precious through its execution. Included with this exhibition are books of hand colored prints with exteriors that are elaborated with ink and brush depicting bodies of water or celestial heavens.  These tell a story related to the events surrounding the month of October and the events which inspired Fisher to utilize these formats.

Fisher considers this series a work in progress, changing and evolving with each installation.  She aims to convey a history of events, represented by the narrative of the many singular images.  A universal timelessness is presented with an element of familiarity.  The passing of time is ever present.

Continua | Scout Dunbar

features two and three-dimensional explorations in various printmaking techniques by Ink Shop Kahn-Family Fellow, Scout Dunbar. An extension of her previous June show entitled Heaven and Earth at The State of the Art Gallery, Ms. Dunbar aims to explore various printmaking processes in an effort to create micro and macrocosms. Her images examine the interconnectedness of histories and time, while raising to question human’s sense of self, and our attempt to control and comprehend the un-known.





Upstate|Downstate: Ink shop at EFA Robert Blackburn

This exhibit is the first in a two part exchange of work between the Ink Shop Printmaking Center of Ithaca, NY and EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop Program in NYC

Member Show

Ink Shop 2013 Member ShowReception Fri, July 5, 5-7pm  (turning gallery lights off a little early due to the heat!)       
June 7 - July 31, 2013Liz Grantham

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center's Annual Members' Exhibit features Ink Shop artists exploring many varied printmaking techniques. The Ink Shop has developed a solid reputation for providing professionally curated exhibitions. We have shown artists/printmakers from all over the world and been invited to show our work nationally and internationally, as far away as Japan. Our popular classes, taught by members, include intaglio, etching, lithography, bookbinding, wood cut and screen printing. Come June and July and explore our exhibit of over twenty member artists.

10 Years And Beyond: Limerick / Ink Shop Exchange

This exhibition is a portfolio exchange project between 15 artists from both

The Limerick Printmakers in Limerick, Ireland and

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center in Ithaca, NY.


Orlagh Spain   A Rococo Heart

 Orlagh Spain A Rococo Heart screenprint



Patricia Hunsinger Screenprint


Both studios were founded in 1999 and are not-for-profit printmaking centers that offer professional facilities for making fine art prints, an exhibition gallery and educational programs. We work with heavy equipment (presses), inks and unusual tools, often leading us to creative experimentation and sharing within the studio.


Today's independent printmaking centers provide a home for artists who practice this unique form of visual expression. The supportive environment of the print centers provides exchange of artistic ideas and educates the public about printmaking and its intriguing processes. We practice the traditional methods of printmaking, such as etching, lithography, woodcut, linocut and silkscreen, as well as experiment with contemporary techniques, materials and tools.


From this visual continuity comes a sense of community, with a single, composite horizon connecting pieces originated from different corners of the world.

People's History

People’s History curated by Ryan Clover-Owen
Opening Reception Fri, Apr 5, 2013
April 5 - May 31, 2013

Peoples History curated by Ryan Clover-Owen

Curated by Ryan Clover-Owens, thus exhibit will feature artwork from the Just Seeds Artists’ Collective, a group of contemporary artists who have addressed a myriad of topics in the “Celebrate People’s History” series, from Emma Goldman and Malcom X to the Occupation of Alcatraz and the Zapatista uprising in Mexico. The show is a program of the Durland Alternatives Library at Cornell University and is comprised of about 60 posters in the CSMA Corridor.  

Printmakers of Cape Cod

The Printmakers of Cape Cod will be exhibiting recent work at The Ink Shop Printmaking Center. The exhibit was curated by Leslie Kramer, former printmaking instructor at Elmira College
Sara Ringler  Wind and River with Moon Rising  woodcut

The Printmakers of Cape Cod Invitational exhibit represents a diverse group of artists who work in a range of printmaking techniques, including, monotype, etching, woodcut, lithography, solar plate printing, digital printmaking, and mixed media.  As a group, they focus on regional exhibits, although individual members have exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Leslie Kramer Indigo Sea    



Student Show | Ithaca College

Ithaca College | Student Prints

Opening Reception Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5 - April 30, 2013

Curated by Pamela Drix, co-founder of the Ink Shop, who currently teaches at Ithaca College. This exhibition will highlight the best work by students in introductory and advanced printmaking classes at Ithaca College.

Faculty members Susan Weisend, Patricia Hunsinger, and Pamela Drix have each handpicked the best of the prints in this show. Different processes are represented, including intaglio, woodcut, linocut, screenprinting, lithography, and bookmaking. In some cases, hybrid approaches are integrated into the students' prints.

Susan Weisend is the Chair of the Art Department, and teaches Introduction to Printmaking, Screenprinting, and Book Design. Patricia Hunsinger teaches 2D Design, Lithography, and Advanced Printmaking, and Pamela Drix teaches Introduction to Drawing and Introduction to Printmaking.


No Land Escapes

No Land Escapes curated by Barbara McPhail
Reception Fri, Mar 1, 2013        Feb 1 - Mar 29, 2013

No Land Escapes is an exhibit by six artists from NY State and Wisconsin whose work speaks to the environmental, health, and social issues of continued fossil fuel development.

Pamela Drix  |  Elizabeth Durand  |  Craig Mains
Barbara McPhail  |  Teri Power  |  Kathleen Sherin

The artists’ viewpoints feature many facets of the fossil fuel development issue, including the changed landscape, the potential of toxicity, related water issues, the beauty of the landscape pre-drilling, and spiritual references embodied in Native American ideas of preservation and protection of the earth. The stories told in the images are informative, heartbreaking and hold this self-evident truth; no landscape involved in fossil fuel development escapes impact.

The exhibit includes printmakers featuring unusual scale, sculptural print combinations, innovative and traditional techniques, and artists from varied geographic locations.

All exhibits made possible with help from the Community Arts Partnership
and special support for this exhibit by the Puffin Foundation



No Land Escapes: Kickstarter | Facebook

Elizabeth Durand 4


Barbara McPhail Eviction


Craig Mains Gas Rig Fire


Kathleen Sherin TOF


Teri Power Changing Landscapes


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