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Something About Mary

Something About MaryOpening Reception Fri, Feb 6, 5-8pm
Feb. 6 - Mar. 28, 2015

Something About Mary Print Portfolio is a tribute to Mary Manusos who won the 2014 Outstanding Printmaker Award this year by the Mid America Print Council.

In more than 35 years of teaching at Ohio University, Mary has touched the lives of many students and colleagues in various ways. Her generosity, her amazing work ethic, her insightful feedback and her drive to foster collaborative work environments are some of the ways in which she has influenced those around her. The participants in this portfolio all share the common thread of being inspired in some way by Mary.

Participating Artists: Abner Jonas, Adam Leestma, Amanda Morris, Annette Gaspers, Art Werger, Barry O’Keefe, Benjy Davies, Caroline Walp, Cayla Skillin-Brauchle, Charlie TouvelI, Connie Wolfe, Danielle C. Wyckoff, Jeremy Lundquist, Jeremy Plunkett, Joey Behrens, John Cizmar, Josh Dannin, Karla Hackeumiller, Kathleen Ristinen, Laura H. Drapac, Mary Manusos, MauPresutti, Melissa Haviland, Misty Morrison, Patricia Hunsinger, Patrick M. O’Connor, Robert Howsare, Sage Perrott, Sarah Dahlinger, Scott Smith




dirty pictures | curated by Joshua McManus & Benjy Davies

Opening Reception
Fri, Feb 6, 5-8pm
Feb. 6 - Feb. 28, 2015

dirty pictures was curated by Joshua McManus and Benjy Davies in 2000. 
While printmaking has long been touted as the most democratic medium, and was rightly associated with political and social change, it also has a long history of being used for more personal and private purposes. Being invited to "come up and see my etchings" was a prelude to seduction in the late 19th and early 20th century, and the etchings, woodcuts and lithographs were often risqué or salacious themselves. Artists such as Thomas Rolandson, Paul Avril and Aubrey Beardsley were known for their erotic prints, and the explicit Shunga Japanese woodblock prints were widely collected in Europe.
This portfolio was created in order to invite contemporary 21st century artists to make work that relates both directly and indirectly to printmaking's history of erotica, sensual images and downright dirty pictures. Artists were encouraged to interpret the theme "dirty pictures" however they liked. Parental discretion is advised.
Artists include:  Abner Jonas, Jeremy Lundquist, Aimee Lannis, Robert Lazuka, Jimmie Dormer, Tim Dooley, Noah Hyleck, Benjy Davies, John Terry, Melissa Ezelle,  Valeri Wallace, Randy Bolton, Nicole Hand, Mark Hosford, Alexander Kvares, Karla Hackenmiller, Michael Barnes, Joel Peck, Aaron Wilson, Joshua McMannus, Bill Mason, Nancy Palmeri, Sean Star Wars, Kyle Trowbridge, Mary Manusos, James Turner, Patricia Hunsinger, Brian Worsley, David Hostetler, Eben Howley, Matt Eberle, Scott Smith and Heather Marr.

Portfolio provided by Patricia Hunsinger


18th Mini Print International Exhibit

If outside the US, entry fees can be submitted by PayPal or Credit Card via Paypal. Return shipping for Paypal users will be billed via Paypal for return of prints. US applicants follow application instructions for payment.




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In & Out of Sculptural Books | Presented by Kumi Korf

In & Out of the Sculptural Book | Presented by Kumi Korf
Opening Reception Friday,October 3, 2014, 5-8pm     October 3 - October 31, 2014


Participatining Artists:

Erina Azis • Juliet Anderson • J. M. Barringer • Katherine Bower 
Lark Burkhart • M. Bernadette Castor • Virginia Davis
 Pamela Drix • Idee German • Diana Goldstein • Holli Harmon Elizabeth Holster • Mary Ince • Melissa Johnson • Irina Kassabova Nancy Kazanjian • Momoko Keane • Kumi Korf • Leslie Kramer Mary Ellen Long • Rhonda Luongo • Claire Mauro • Mary Ann L. Miller
 Liz Mitchell • Margaret C. Nelson • Penny Nii • Kathryn Ortolano Gregory Page • Virginia Phelps • Gina Pisello • Maryann Riker
Genie Shenk • Daphne Sola • Caroleen Vaughan • Jane Wang
Susann Wilbur • Christa Wolf • Emoretta Yang • Karen Zimmermann


I discovered my passion for book arts when creating the collaborative piece "Silk and Secrecy." I needed a book structure that could hold both traditional letterset text pages as well as a three-dimensional collage; I was searching for a form that would open and close effortlessly, behave as an ordinary book, but also hold a surprise for the reader. After a few missteps, I found a solution. Since that time, artists' books, and particularly the process of inventing new structures, has been an enduring passion.
Something else that I discovered through my exploration of book arts was the joy of teaching. My first students at Pyramid Atlantic were a group of tremendously talented artists. Teaching them to use structures that I had designed for my own work was an eye-opening experience. Each artists took what I thought was singularly suited for my own work and transformed it into a unique new book.
I have been fortunate to continue to teach workshops over the last 22 years, and through this exhibition I am taking the opportunity to honor an extraordinary group of artists who have taken my book structures and transformed them into their own work. These works have traveled here to be exhibited at in Ithaca from New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Tucson, Durango, Easton, Cape Cod, and from Ithaca as well. My most recent workshop was taught at The Ink Shop and I am grateful that they are hosting this exhibition in their gallery.


$ Exchange $ | print your own money

Exchange Portfolio


Exchange | Print Your Own Money Portfolio

Gallery Night Reception Friday Sept. 5, 5-8 PM
Showing through September 27, 2014

Exchange is an exchange portfolio of prints which remakes currency into something worth saving. Printmakers should make money, and they can make all they want when taking the printing of it into their own hands. This exchange portfolio is between several printmaker, each making an edition of 22 prints which are swapped between printmakers so after the exhibit, each printmaker gets their own set of creatively designed bills.

Fellow Strangers: Prints and Paintings by Alex Contino 2014 Fellow

Alex Contino

This body of work reveals a story of both personal experience and the human condition. While the characters and figures do not always represent specific individuals, they do embody certain emotions, experiences and environments. The often bizarre representation of characters evokes a sense of humor while maintaining a certain discomfort that seeks a balance that mimics how life seldom yields absolute emotions and experiences. The environment created in these images exists in a broad grey area where joy and excitement are flanked by anxiety and sadness.

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2014 Member Exhibit

2014 Member Exhibit
Opening Reception Fri,May 2, 2014, 5-8pm
May 2-June 27, 2014

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center's Annual Members' Exhibit features Ink Shop artists exploring many varied printmaking techniques. The Ink Shop has developed a solid reputation for providing professionally curated exhibitions. We have shown artists/printmakers from all over the world and been invited to show our work nationally and internationally, as far away as Japan. Our popular classes taught by members include intaglio, etching, lithography, bookbinding, wood cut and screen printing. The Ink Shop has over 30 members. Come and see what they have been up to!

Cascadilla Glen / Fall Creek Gorge Trails

This exhibition is a portfolio of prints commemorating the 1915 document by Landscape Architect Charles N. Lowrie, which documents his proposal for the development of the Fall Creek Gorge and Cascadilla Glen Trails. The works represent current views of the trails while reflecting Lowrie’s interest in the trails sublime beauty, tourist attraction, trail access and safety. This project was a collaboration with the Introductory Print Media class of Gregory Page from the Department of Art, Cornell University and Todd Bittner, The Director of Natural Areas, Cornell Plantations.


Atelier Four

Amy Buchholz, Bill Salzillo, Bruce Muirhead and Jake Muirhead

Opening Reception Friday, April 4, 5-8pm
April 4. - April. 29, 2014

Atelier Four
features four artists working together in the collaborative workshop spirit unique to printmaking. Linked philosophically to the Arts and Crafts Movement that has deep roots in upstate New York, the group is committed to keeping alive the rich tradition of hand-pulled intaglio printmaking while at the same time promoting its contemporary relevance. Working in a broad range of intaglio techniques, Amy Buchholz, Bruce Muirhead, Jake Muirhead and Bill Salzillo share a passion for drawing based printmaking. The Ink Shop is very excited to have this unique opportunity to show the works of these remarkable and highly talented artists.

B. Muirhead The White House   

The teacher/student relationships they forged at the renowned Hamilton College printshop developed into life-long friendships that have shaped their art and careers. From a historical perspective, their work references the enduring influences of the northeast printmaking laboratories centered around Robert Marx at Syracuse University, David Bumbeck at Middlebury College and Harvey Breverman at The University of Buffalo.


Bruce Muirhead
is a self-defined painter/printmaker in the magic-realist mold. He was first introduced to the intaglio process in the early 1970’s by his Middlebury College colleague, David Bumbeck. For the past 35 years, Bruce has been Professor of Art at Hamilton College where he teaches painting and drawing and runs the printshop. He is a longtime member of The Society of American Graphic Artists, The Copley Society and The Boston Printmakers. He has exhibited his work in numerous national and international exhibitions and is in many public and private collections throughout The United States. The Amity Art Foundation in Connecticut recently
published the catalog raisonne of his etchings.


William Salzillo, also Professor of Art at Hamilton College, learned printmaking as a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, and later studied lithography with Garo Antresian, a founder of the Tammarind Institute at the University of New Mexico. Inspired by his curatorial research as Director of Hamilton’s Emerson Gallery, Salzillo’s recent prints reference a combination of real and imagined historical events of Northern New York.


Amy Georgia Buchholz studied art at Kirkland and Hamilton Colleges where she was mentored by both Muirhead and Salzillo. She earned her MFA at the University of Buffalo where she was the graduate teaching assistant and studio assistant to the Director of the Printmaking Program, Harvey Breverman. She is a past recipient of The New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in printmaking and a New York State Council on the Arts Artist-in-Residency grant. Amy’s recent drypoints, based on organic subjects, are meditative investigations of the natural world.

Jake Muirhead also attended Hamilton College where he majored in Painting. He recently earned his MFA in Printmaking at George Mason University. Jake has exhibited his etchings and garnered awards in numerous national and international juried print shows. He is currently Associate Printmaker at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. He also teaches drawing at Montgomery College.



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Downstate/Upstate | RBPMW Printmakers

Downstate/Upstate | RBPMW Printmakers
Opening Reception Fri, April 4, 5-8pm
Apr 4. - Apr. 29

Last year the Ink Shop exhibited at Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York City in the first installment of an exchange Upstate/Downstat.

Downstate/Upstate is the exciting second installment current work coming to us from Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW), an exhibit of 51 RBPMW member prints juried by Devraj Dakoji.

Robert Blacburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW) is a co-operative printmaking workspace in New York City that provides professional-quality printmaking facilities and is committed to inspiring and fostering a racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse artistic community dedicated to the making of fine art prints in an environment that embraces technical and aesthetic exploration, innovation and collaboration.

Devraj Dakoji was born in Dharmoj, Andhra Pradesh, and has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world. He was appointed as Chief Supervisor of Graphic Studios, Dept. of Art, Garhi, New Delhi in 1977 and as Commissioner of the 2nd Graphic International Print Biennial, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal in 1991. He has been a part of Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop for many years, teaching many classes, organizing international portfolios and printing for Robert Blackburn while he was alive.

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