Past Exhibits

Light Swallower | work of Roberto Silva

The Ink Shop will also be exhibiting the work of the 2012 H. Peter Kahn Family Fellow, Roberto Silva Ortiz in the Legacy Foundation Gallery.  Mr. Silva Ortiz is both an accomplished painter as well as a printmaker.

Light Swallower displays a work in progress which started in 2011 and was developed between the Ink Printmaking Center and the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts. This exhibition articulates a different approach towards the artist's representational art. The series is composed of paintings, prints, light boxes and textiles. Roberto Silva-Ortiz reflects and celebrates artificial light and modern architectures. This results in a visual world - mainly inspired by cities such as New York City, Miami, Oslo, Berlin and the unique town of Ithaca N.Y. - constructed by fascinating symmetries and fractals. A strong dialogue between the analogical artistic horizons and the latest digital procedures creates folding compositions and leads the craftsmanship of the exhibition itself.

Ink Shop Printmakers Exhibit

Ink Shop Annual Members' Exhibition  2012
Gallery Night Reception  Friday  June 1,  5-8 PM
Showing June - August

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center's Annual Members' Exhibit features Ink Shop artists exploring many varied printmaking techniques. The Ink Shop has developed a solid reputation for providing professionally curated exhibitions. We have shown artists/printmakers from all over the world and been invited to show our work nationally and internationally, as far away as Japan.  Our popular classes, taught by members, include intaglio, etching, lithography, bookbinding, wood cut and screen printing. Come June through August and explore our exhibit of over twenty member artists.


POWERfull, new graphic works by Dusty Herbig

Opening Reception: Friday May 4, 5-8 PM   Gallery Night 

May 4 - May 25  2012

Syracuse artist Dusty Herbig shows new graphic works in the exhibition ‘POWERfull’
Work included in CSMA’s Legacy Foundation Gallery seeks to draw conclusions and develop contradictions about the dichotomic commentary revolving around the concept of power, and/or energy. Whether questioning origins of power, the lengths we go to in order to obtain power, or the ramifications we all face for the prospecting for power, the work seeks to open dialogue about POWER.
Work in the hallway portion of this show includes a related collection of works dealing with subject of expanding human population.
Herbig is the recipient of a 2011 New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in Printmaking, Drawing, and Book Arts. He exhibits nationally, participating in juried exhibitions in all corners of the U.S.: Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, New York City and internationally, including exhibitions in Japan, Canada, China, Argentina, Spain, Pakistan, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Poland. He earned an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a B.F.A. from Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS. 
Herbig is also an assistant professor of printmaking in the Department of Art at Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, where he teaches lithography, intaglio, serigraphy, relief and all levels of advanced courses, including those in the graduate program, which was recently ranked no. 19 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. He also serves as the director and master printer of Lake Effect Editions, the press of the SU printmaking program.
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The Expressive Mark: Prints from Ithaca College

Opening Reception: Friday May 4, 5-8 PM   Gallery Night
May 4 - May 25  2012

Floating Lanterns Kathy Zink

Artists make marks. The quality of the line in an original print is as distinctive as any handwritten signature. In today’s printmaking practice, artists achieve unique line qualities through different processes, including screenprinting, linocut, woodcut, lithography, and intaglio, sometimes combined in artists’ books. Some of these processes are as old as writing itself! Printmakers explore marks multiple ways. The show celebrates these explorations.
Students and faculty at Ithaca College present a group show of relief, intaglio, and lithographic prints. Faculty artists include: Pamela Drix, Patricia Hunsinger, Minna Resnick, and Susan Weisend.

Pamela Drix teaches relief/intaglio and drawing at Ithaca College and is one of the founders of The Ink Shop. The majority of her work focuses on woodcut and the intaglio processes. She has participated in numerous exhibitions around the world. Patricia Hunsinger teaches lithography and 2D design.  Her work focuses on lithography, screenprinting, and woodcut. She has also been in numerous shows and part of many international collaborations. Minna Resnick, a nationally and internationally known artist, teaches screenprint and drawing at the college. The majority of her work is created through screenprinting and lithographic processes. Susan Weisend teaches book design, relief/intaglio, screenprinting, and lithography, and serves as the Chairperson for the Department of Art. She has exhibited for thirty years both in the Untied States and internationally.  Her prints mainly focus on intaglio and bookmaking. Student artists from last year and this year’s classes have entered prints created in their respective classes.

untitled  Stephanie Lee

This shows brings together original prints by faculty and students at Ithaca College where printmaking techniques are integral to the department’s visual art curriculum. Students learn carving techniques, making stencils for screenprints, photolithographic processes, and various intaglio processes including drypoint, mezzotint, and hard ground line etching. The faculty is dedicated to teaching the art and craft of the print. These prints represent a wonderful overview of their efforts.

North by Northeast: Nova Scotia Printmakers

Open Reception Friday, April 6, 5-8pm
April 6 - April 30, 2012

The  Nova  Scotia  Printmakers  Association

The NSPA was founded in the early 80’s by Ed Porter, Bob Rogers (both long-time instructors at Nova Scotia College of Art Design) and other interested printmakers who saw a need to unite the printmakers of the province, many of whom had graduated from NSCAD. Their main objective was to promote original prints by encouraging regional print workshops, educating the public about the mysteries of real printmaking and the differences between it and reproductions, to help with marketing, to connect with printmakers around the world, and to exhibit the work of the NSPA.

The NSPA has had many membership exhibitions across the province, with other shows travelling to the States and abroad. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has a collection of
members’ prints. There are now regional printshops across the province, notably the Society ofAntigonish Printmakers at St. FrancisXavier University, a group at the Y’Arc, the community art centre in Yarmouth under Cecil Day and a group of printmakers in the Wolfville area. NSPA also has strong ties with the printmaking department at Mount Allison University, Sackville, and with IMAGO in Moncton, both in New Brunswick and with St. Michael’s Printshop in St. John’s and Sir Richard Grenfell printmaking department in Cornerbrook, both in Newfoundland.

The NSPA’s membership includes both practising professional printmakers and those with a more general interest in the printmaking media, and includes many members from outside the province. The association has managed to pull together the printmaking interests of the isolated corners and the urban centres of the province for the benefit of both the printmakers and their ever widening audience.

Ink Shop at Corning

The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press
will be featured in the Atrium Gallery of Corning Community College

Reception Fri, Feb 24  4:30-6:30pm

The show runs through March 23

Gallery hours are M-F 8:00am-5:00pm and Noon-4:00pm on Saturdays.

Ink Shop at Corning


The Ink Shop Prints at Corning will include work by more than 20 artists who have mastered the craft and art of the print. Their work shows the ongoing exploration of the traditional methods of printmaking, as well as an incorporation of new approaches, which include digital media, social and political themes, and more formal explorations in abstraction. This exhibit is evidence that these artists keep printmaking as an art form relevant to our modern cultural discourse. As such these artists bring new life and excitement to the field of contemporary printmaking.


Participating artists:


Katherine Anderson, Judy Barringer, Brandy Boden, Zevi Blum, Pamela Drix, Debra Dudick, Kathy Friedrich, Rebecca Godin, Liz Grantham, Kumi Korf, Pat Hunsinger, Peter Jogo, Craig Mains, Tim Merrick, Jim Mullen, Margaret Myers, Greg Page, Jenny Pope, Maddy Rosenberg, Kadie Salfi, Buzz Spector, Jae Sullivan, Caleb R. Thomas, Kay WalkingStick, Christa Wolf.


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Process and Purpose

A  selected show curated by:  Alan Singer
Reception Fri, Feb 3          Feb. 3 - Mar. 23, 2012

Process & Purpose is a new exhibition of innovative prints by ten adventurous artists, representing an evolution of the printmaking art form.


Keith Howard  Snake Tree Eve  (photogravure)

Process & Purpose highlights exciting prints made by a group of significant artists who extend the range of what printmaking is and will be.  These printmakers include artists who are internationally recognized as leaders in the field, as well as emerging younger talents.  One focus is a major trend in recent printmaking using non-toxic materials to make artwork.

The show contains over thirty works of art by the following artists:  Charlie Campbell, Bernice Cross, Keith Howard, Catherine Kernan, Friedhard Kiekeben, Ronald Netsky, Nicholas Ruth, Alan Singer, Satan’s Camaro, and Dan Welden.  Each participating artist contributes fresh energy by changing the scope of printmaking and confronting innovative subjects or procedures.  These artists invent new techniques and methods to express their cutting edge visions.The primary goal for “Process and Purpose” is to highlight terrific prints made by a group of significant artists that extends the range of what printmaking is and will be. Each artist has contributed fresh energy to this field and changed the scope of printmaking by confronting certain subjects or procedures.  Prints are made with new techniques that allow for specific imagery.  Sometimes artists have to invent the tools they use to achieve a desired result.

 "I see this exhibition as not only an opportunity to view a large group of gorgeous prints, but also as a place where artists can articulate the concepts they have in mind, and walk us through the way they manifest their ideas."


Charlie-Cambell Charlie Campbell

ernice-Cross Bernise Cross

 Alan-Singer Alan Singer

Catherine-Kernan Catherine Kernan

Dan-Welden Dan Welden

Friedhard Kiekeben Friedhard-Kiekeben

Keith Howard Keith-Howard

Nicholas Ruth Nicholas-Ruth

Ronald Netsky Ronald-Netsky

Santan's Camaro Satan's Camaro

Ink Shop Printmakers at Druckwerkstatt, Berlin

Ink Shop at Druckwerkstatt, Berlin

Opening reception Thursday, October 13, 5-8 pm -


Bethanien, Berlin,  Mariannenplatz

Ink Shop Printmakers, Ithaca, New York are exhibiting at Druckwerktatt, Berlin. 
Katherine Friedrich, Debra Dudick, Pamela Drix, Rebecca Godin, Liz Grantham,Pat Hunsinger, Karen Klee-Atlin, Kumi Korf, Karen Kucharski, Craig Mains, Margaret Myers,Greg Page, Kadie Salfi, Jae Sullivan, Caleb Thomas, Susan Weisend, Christa Wolf.


Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

tel 030 614015-70

Mo 13:00 - 21:00 Uhr / Di - Fr 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr

druckwerkstat opening
Opening Reception



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In Tents: Prints from the Art Fair Circuit

Reception Fri, Dec.2, 5-8pm  Nov. 4 - Dec. 23
In Tents Prints from the Art Fair Ciruit 

“In Tents” Curated by Jenny Pope will include 6 great printmakers. They are all full time artists, traveling thousands of miles a year to get their work out to the public. They are tenacious and business wise trying to make a life and a living by taking their work on the road. The artists are Heinrich Toh Kansas City MO, Daryl Storrs Huntington VT, Christopher Plummer Alexandria KY, Ann Eldridge Bradford NH, Johanna Mueller Denver CO, Marina Terauds Leeper MI.

In  Tents booth shots


Mueller  From Your Heart

Eldridge  Seaside Camper

Plummer  City Houses

Being “on the circuit” selling art full time is an interesting life. All of us have loads of gear; tents, portable walls and pedestals, directors chairs, and a large van to pack it all in. Dodge Sprinters, Ford Cargo Vans and a whole medley of Minivans drive in and out of cities full of artists and their gear. We set up in streets, fields, courtyards, and shopping plazas. The show usually goes on regardless of hail, hurricanes, downpours, and sweltering heat.

This year I heard a number of stories from the midwest of tents blowing away. During the heat wave in July artists were standing in buckets of ice water to keep cool. My booth flooded in Pennsylvania due to hurricane Irene. There are times where I stand in the rain for days and barely make back my booth cost, when I miss my partner and my poodle, or my tire blows out on the journey. Even so, it is encouraging when somebody purchases something from me and says that they have never bought art before or when a newly married couple tells me they are going to make art a part of their lives. I know I don't have to wake up in the morning and drive to a job that I don't care about, and everything I do for my business will continue to pay off, I just have to keep showing up. A colleague once said, “being your own boss = priceless.”


Terauds  Gardners Heart


Storrs  Winter View


 I am an advocate for people who want to try art festivals to get out there and do it! It is not just grandma's painted jars and grandpa's whittled ducks for sale, there is some truly wonderful work.  If there is a festival in your town, appreciate the vendors on the street and think about the path (or super highway) they took to make it easy for you to see their wares.

~Jenny Pope

Toh  Midnight Bloom #17




2011 Print Sale


 December 2 - 20, 2011

Buy something local and well made, buy prints from Ink Shop Printmakers. New prints are being added every day, so stop back and see more and more prints!

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