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Suminagashi Workshop | Irina Kassabova

Sunday December 18 2022 10 AM - 3 PM In this workshop you will learn about the Japanese art of marbling called Suminagashi, and how it differs from traditional western techniques. You will learn how to make different patterns and you will explore the numerous color combinations. We will discuss what else you could do […]

Snow Day

Lots of the white stuff supposed to fall on us today. Stay safe and warm!

Erin Miller | Casino

Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery 330 E. State St., ITHACA, NY, United States

Casino is an exhibition of recent collages by 2022-2023 Kahn Family Fellow, Erin Miller. Drawing inspiration from sites of entertainment like casinos, honky-tonks, and arcades, these works on paper combine dizzying patterns to question notions of chance and control.

Introduction to Bookbinding | Laura Rowley

Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery 330 E. State St., ITHACA, NY, United States

Learn the art and craft of hand-binding in this introductory class. We'll discuss the fascinating evolution of the physical book, study the properties of paper and materials used in bookmaking, and practice crafting a series of useful and beautiful book structures. The structures will include: the Pamphlet Stitch, Accordion Fold. All levels of experience are welcome.

Prints from Recycled Materials: Parent Child Workshop | Lado Pochkua

Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery 330 E. State St., ITHACA, NY, United States

Learn a new way of making prints by using materials that would normally be thrown away, like foam trays and silver lined cartons. Instead of using a traditional method, draw onto foam or scribe silver cartons to create interesting prints.

It's a fun, hands-on class that teaches new skills and helps people think about ways to reuse things. The result is beautiful prints made from recycled materials that are good for the environment.

Intro to Color Reduction Woodcut | Jenny Pope

Learn the basic techniques of making color reduction relief prints using MDF (medium density fiberboard)! We will focus on registration, mixing inks, and editioning a final print. No prior experience necessary. Students will go home with a print and the knowledge of how to do it again.

I See You 2023 | Ithaca College and Cornell University Printmakers

I SeeYou showcases the talent of printmaking
students from Ithaca College and Cornell University, featuring a diverse range of printmaking techniques, including relief, intaglio, and screenprinting providing a glimpse into the breadth and depth of the discipline.

Screenprint Monotype | Erin Miller


A dynamic and interactive experience for artists of all levels, participants will learn how to create one-of-a-kind prints using the screenprinting process in conjunction with monotype techniques. They will start by creating their designs, which will then be transferred onto a screen for printing. Participants will use vivid inks and various printing tools to build multiple layers, transparencies, and textures to complete their final prints. This workshop encourages participants to embrace their creativity and take risks as they explore new ways of making prints.

Monotype with Stencils, Parent & Child Workshop | Craig Mains

Ink Shop Printmaking Center Studio Gallery 330 E. State St., ITHACA, NY, United States

This workshop is a fun family printmaking class. We will be painting stenciled mylar plates with water-based inks to create subtle and intricate monotype prints. This process allows you to paint quickly onto the mylar plates, then transfer the ink to dampened paper using an etching press. You will learn about ghost images, which can achieve wonderful effects with immediate results. This technique is completely non-toxic and the fee covers participation for 1 parent and elementary school age child.

Intro to Etching | Lindsey Potoff

Copper plate etching is a process where a polished piece of copper is processed with either engraving or an acid bath with the intention of creating grooves and lines to hold ink. Ink is applied to the whole plate, then carefully wiped down leaving the ink the grooves and lines. The plate is then ran through the press with a sheet of damp paper for the final print.

Hannah Law | Day to Day

Hannah Law is an artist, musician and educator who is deeply concerned with craft and the medium's egalitarian spirit. She focuses on scenes from everyday life; countrysides from her hometown in upstate New York, wildlife and domestic still lives. She creates images of places and objects that are familiar.